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360° Marketing approach.

Thanks to its 360° Marketing expertise, PUR SUCCES provides a tailor-made guiding platform through the whole 4 key areas of Marketing: Marketing Strategy , Project Management, International Development and Training. After providing you with a first free Marketing Diagnosis, PUR SUCCES sits with you to define an intervention perimeter matching your needs, objectives and financial means. This global approach to Marketing allows you to keep a single interlocutor for all your initiatives, whether for a single project or a steady externalisation of your Marketing activities.


– Flash Marketing Diagnostic: offered,
– Strategic recommendation mission: package based on initial quotation ,
– Project management mission: package based on initial quotation,
– Long-term outsourced marketing mission: fees based on time spent (with or without commission on results)
– International development mission: fees based on time spent (with or without commission on results)