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Consulting begins by selecting a person…in whom one can trust.

My background

Driven by the ambition of a successful career in France, I left Latvia at the age of 18 with an A-level in literature, but without much knowledge of the French language. Through perseverant work I successfully passed the Pharmacy entrance exam and in the end came out with a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy and a Master’s degree in Marketing. With my long term vision and efficient organisational skills, I gained result oriented experience in Operational, Strategic and International Marketing since 2008 by working in companies ranging from SMEs to international companies.

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My mission

Passionate by my job, I created PUR SUCCES, the consulting company focused on B2B and B2C Marketing. Our mission at PUR SUCCES is to improve the growth of companies operating in the fields of Health, Perfumery and Cosmetics, supported by our scientific expertise and connections with the Eastern European culture and markets. The hybrid offer of PUR SUCCES connecting Strategic consulting and Operational implementation enables companies to successfully grow through their key development stages, from their start to international expansion.

My values

« One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is to ignore most of what people say. I watch what they do instead. »

Amanda Patterson

Trust, Respect and Sharing are the key values that I implement in every aspect of both my professional and family life. The Trust and awareness built through my interaction with my interlocutors are a fundamental basis for a successful and durable collaboration. Respecting my commitments towards customers, end users and regulations, allows me to establish a quality partnership. Sharing with my interlocutors my passion for Marketing, my sharp expertise and my positive attitude allows the creation of a collective intelligence.
If you identify with that vision of success and human values, get in touch with PUR SUCCES right now!

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Should you share our vision, contact PUR SUCCES right now !