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Marketing Strategy

Defining an appropriate strategy is essential for any developing company, in fact throughout each key stage of its development, such as product launch, new target conquests, export…PUR SUCCES believes that strategy should be based on a sound market study, a long-term vision, and all that in a simple and realistic approach. During the entire Marketing Strategy Planning process, you are in charge and the expert of your products and services. PUR SUCCES brings you its vision for a strategy together with marketing tools in order to define a new strategy, or challenge an existing one through a new approach. Once the strategy has been validated together, PUR SUCCES defines an action plan to set the strategy, quantify the outcome and reduce the “errors”.


Structuring your project, limiting inconsistencies, minimising risks and increasing the added value with the help of a sound and robust business model.


Defining the strategy and operational implementation, and convincing the investors.


Enforcing digital transformation of your company by using new technologies to benefit your customers and employees.


Guaranteeing the profitability of your new products through strategy and an action plan based on a sound market study.

PUR SUCCES also offers the following services: market study, positioning, strategy for mature brand dynamization, company strategic plan, marketing plan, product portfolio analysis, commercial action plan.